Our solutions cover a wide range of business areas.

American Informatics� solutions are build upon with a keen focus on leading-edge technology and business experience. We offer comprehensive solutions based on:

   • Business Expertise
   • Technology Expertise
   • Thought Leadership

With the combination of American Informatics� technology consulting and comprehensive business understanding, companies can leverage the Internet and new e-business models to capitalize on dynamic value chains-increasing collaboration and operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and their bottom line.

Proprietary Technology - SAP AIT Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP) Application Interface Toolkit (AIT)

SAP Application Interface Toolkit (AIT) creates an efficient, streamlined software system without creating risk – no matter how many interfaces your business requires. The SAP Application Interface Toolkit is an add-on for SAP ERP and SAP Business Suite – providing user-friendly interface implementation, monitoring, and error handling – for quick return on investment (ROI).

In today’s SAP landscape, integration between back end ERP and application systems is a core necessity. Among solutions to this are use of Application Interface and Master Data Management (MDM) technologies which reside between the typical applications infrastructure and the Business systems like SAP and Operational/Engineering Systems. AIT is providing Clients with a cross-process portfolio of IT application services that fulfills current and future industry requirements utilizing AIT interfaces and toolkit.

The core components of the solution are:

Template ingredients specific to SAP Industry Solution Utilities (ISU) and MDM product include the following:

  • • Reads to and from the SAP DB.
  • • AIT – ASP.NET Objects, C#, VB.NET, Java, etc.
  • • Customer Portal.
  • • CIS/CRM (Billing, on demand reads, connect-disconnect, Customer contact).
  • • On- Demand functions.

Priority of Development:

  • • eMeter (MDMS) integration ( 3 prioritized interfaces)
  •     o Data Sync (from SAP to eMeter)
  •     o Basic Interval Data
  •     o Connect / Disconnect
  • • SAP IS-U templates for associated interfaces
  •     o Business Process Design, Business Process Procedures, Visio flows
  •     o Related RICEF and development
  • • SAP CRM and Enterprise Portal processes for associated interfaces
  •     o Middleware configuration
  •     o Business Process Design ,Business Process Procedures ,Visio flows

Scope - AIT Toolkit Integration

SAP Application Interface Toolkit provides you with a powerful framework for interface implementation and with user-friendly monitoring and error handling functionality focused on business users.

  • • Streamline the initial setup and maintenance of your software interfaces.
  • • Reduce ongoing maintenance efforts with user-friendly monitoring and error handling.
  • • Lower costs and increase ROI by recycling interface components in a customized framework.

Our Approach

Our most basic client service instincts are to team with our clients to create a shared commitment to success. We develop comprehensive set of business objectives that allow us to move quickly and you to spend wisely. We excel at helping customers understand the risks and rewards of creating a technology-dependent business. Once the project is deployed, our team members continue working with you to ensure the long-term success of the solution.

Our Role

American Informatics provides various levels of assistance for your technology projects:

eBusiness strategy or project evaluation

American Informatics can evaluate and propose the right e-Business strategy for you. The deliverables include a ROI study and report to assist you to make calculated decisions for the long term and short-term strategic value of your project.

Technology selection

American Informatics can select the technology for you based on your long term and short-term growth projections and budget requirements. eTF has an in-depth understanding and hands on exposure to the major Internet platforms and technologies.


American Informatics can bring a wealth of experience in running projects with the right amount of development discipline required to do the project. American Informatics methodology incorporates an optimized set of processes for enterprise integration and software project implementations. Our processes ensure that the project is delivered on time, and that the quality and budget constraints are not compromised. These processes range from project planning, to risk management, to production support and change control management.


The core strength of American Informatics lies in its combined technological capital. We can take a project of any technological complexity and implement it in a predictable manner. Project delivery is the lifeblood of American Informatics and every member of the team is trained for it. Distributed system and application development projects are American Informatics forte.

Deployment and infrastructure planning

American Informatics can provide valuable information for the design and deployment of your scalable and fault tolerant infrastructure based on our experience with the full lifecycle of e-businesses.

Our Delivery

We believe in the motto " A satisfied customer is a repeat business". This being the underlying principle for our project execution, we build individual strategy for the development and implementation of the solution. American Informatics� strategy brings a fully integrated, lifecycle approach to developing solutions and execution to deliver enduring business value throughout the life of your business.

American Informatics works with you to develop a continuously innovating business strategy that embraces emerging technologies as well as changing customer, competitive and market demands. We address the full scope of business transformation, bringing together expertise and experience in the three major change areas-business plan development, business process transformation and organizational transformation - to help you gain and sustain competitive edge and lasting business value over the long run, not just out of the starting gate.

We use the spiral model of IDCE software development life cycle for implementing all our solutions.


The spiral model for software development has four quadrants and four cycles.
Proof of concept cycle: Capture business requirements, define goals for proof-of-concept, produce conceptual system design, design and construct the proof-of-concept, produce acceptance test plans, conduct risk analysis and make recommendations.
First Build Cycle: Derive system requirements, define goals for first build, produce logical system design, design and construct the first build, produce system test plans, evaluate the first build and make recommendations.
Second Build Cycle: Derive system requirements, define goals for second build, produce physical system design, construct the first build, produce system test plans, evaluate the second build and make recommendations.
Final Cycle: complete unit requirements, final design, construct final build, perform unit, sub-system, system and acceptance tests.

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